President's Letter

New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI)
Presidents Statement  December 2017
               The 2017 Holiday Season is upon us. The inspections are slowing down, the sun is setting early, and we are focusing on family and friends. It is a time for giving thanks, looking back, and looking forward to the year ahead.
                Our exam bill, now called A215 (same as S649), was passed by the Assembly last May.  Because of a rules change, it will start on the floor in January and just needs to be passed again. The Senate version is in the rules committee. You can think of the rules committee as the vestibule before the Senate floor. In January, the State legislators are often looking for easy projects that they can get done before the budget takes their focus. In 2018, our exam bill can be one of the easy projects.
                This bill replaces the licensing exam, which is widely known to not be very rigorous, with the National Home Inspection Exam. The exam is used in many other states for licensing as well as by ASHI and will help with New York obtaining reciprocity with neighboring states.
                Here is where you come in. Please write to your senator and assembly person and let them know that you support the bill. Here we have included a sample letter of support, links to the bill, and a link to finding your state senator and assembly person.
                The bill is a culmination of years of work by NYSAHI.   We have worked diligently, first to try to improve the state exam, then to change to the National Exam through the Department of State, and finally, to make this change through legislation. We are almost there. We are very optimistic that this will pass in this legislative session.
                I hope you can find a few minutes during this holiday season to make 2018 a very successful year for NYSAHI and more importantly, for the Home Inspection Profession.
I hope that each of you has a wonderful Holiday Season and fruitful New Year.
Thank you for your continued support.
Annie-Laurie Hunter
NYSAHI President