President's Letter

New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI)
Presidents Statement  March 2017

     As March turns to April and winter changes to Spring, the New York State legislative focus moves from the budget to the bills.  NYSAHI has been working with legislators throughout the winter and we have several bills that are ready for consideration.
     We have two bills in both the Assembly and the Senate. Both sets of bills relate to people entering the Home Inspection profession and are aimed at ensuring the men and women entering the profession are ready to face what our 250 years of housing stock are going to confront them with.
     The first bill is A2077 (Senate version S609A). It increases initial training from 140 to 200 hours, of which 80 (up from the current 40) must be unpaid field based training.
     The second bill, A215 (Senate version S649), would change the home inspection licensing exam from the widely criticized current New York State test to the National Home Inspectors Exam (NHIE). The NHIE meets the “Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing” required by section 444-e (1) (c). A rigorous licensing exam is the gatekeeper that helps ensure that individuals are ready to enter the profession.
     We hope that you will assist us by showing support for these bills with your legislators. We have drafted letters for you to use or modify.  (Training letter and exam letter)  Please feel free to use these as a platform for your letter writing. You can also contact your local representatives by phone or in person.
     NYSAHI will also be attending a legislative day in Albany on May 16th. If you would like to join us in Albany and talk with legislators we would be very happy to have you join us. If you reply to this email, I will put you on the list and make sure you have information for that day.  The dress is business casual.  Be sure to wear comfy shoes, as there is lots of walking along with lots of talking.
     In addition to our own bills, we are monitoring a number of other bills:
     Well water testing:
A265 (same as S119): Enacts the "Private well testing act"; authorizes the department of  health to promulgate rules and regulations to establish standards for the testing of drinking water from privately owned wells. NYSAHI is opposed to this bill.

A310 (same as S5031): Creates the well water and water supply education act.

A5473 (same as S3773):
Establishes the drinking water quality institute to make  recommendations to the department of health relating to ensuring the safety of potable water.

S2490 (no same as):
Enacts the "Well water and water supply education act".
     Radon testing:
A4687 (same as S2865): Provides for radon testing in public and private schools.

A5515 (no same as):
Requires annual radon testing of developmental disabilities  schools.
A4964 (same as S2142): Relates to the remediation and prevention of indoor mold
     Property disclosure:
A1353 (no same as): Requires residential property condition disclosure statements to be recorded with the county clerk upon conveyance of the property.

     In closing, we have worked since the Home Inspection Licensing law was passed in 2005 to make these changes. It has been a long and difficult process. I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard over the past ten years to bring us to where we are in this process. This includes all of our membership. Your dues have allowed us to work with our lobbyist without whom we would not be at this point. Thank you for your continued support.
Annie-Laurie Hunter
NYSAHI President